How To: Wink to Take Photo With Google Glass

Google Glass’ goal is to improve the way you interact with the device and so they came with a really nice feature: Wink to take photo. This feature is as simple as it sounds and it’s one of the gimmicks that makes Glass so simple, yet helpful to the user.

Wink became available along with the XE12 software update and it’s still experimental, which means it might not work very well, but it’s still worth activating and using.

In order to use Wink, you will first have to activate it, because it’s inactive by default. Head over to Settings and scroll until you find the feature. Then you will have to tap the touchpad and calibrate Wink before using it, because everyone’s wink is different and it has to record yours. The calibration also helps Glass understand when you’re winking and when you’re blinking, because you don’t want to take a photo every time you blink.

Considering Wink is still an experimental feature, you might encounter some bugs, like the app crashing and it might also require you to recalibrate it, but this should be fixed in the next software updates, which are expected to start landing again monthly starting in February.

Once you activate and calibrate Wink, you also have to make sure that the display is turned on for the app to work. It won’t watch your eyes when the display is off, so it won’t work. Once you use Wink to take a photo, you can then create vignettes and save or share the photo.

We hope this article is going to be helpful for you, but let us know in the comments if you encounter any problems with the app and we’ll do our best to help you out.