How Your Business Can Benefit From Google Glass

Since the Google Glass has been announced, everyone is trying to find new ways of using it, and if for some the decision of buying such a device is easy, some have to make budgets and reconsider approach strategies. Take a small business for example. Before making such an investment, an owner would always be asking himself how would this investment impact his business.

Considering that the Glass is such a futuristic device, it could be quite difficult for regular business owners to picture the Google Glass as a main hardware component of their business and to correctly estimate how the usage of such a device could be  benefic for their profits.  This is why, we thought we could open your eyes over some of the aspects Google Glass can improve in the workflow of a business.

How it can improve work management in an office

Regarding this matter, Taylor Hatmaker pointed out for the website that the Google Glass is able to reorganize the information workflow in more than one way.

Hatmaker explained how valuable one’s time is, and how much time a day is wasted on searching specific information on the laptop or in the email inbox. He concludes that this time could be saved thanks to the Glass, which would do the searching for you.

The software of the Google Glass is pretty similar to that of the Google Now, meaning that it can learn from the information you access on Google, and it can give you easy access to the information you need, through a card support system. This can save a lot of time you would normally be spending on searching data through apps, mails or online.

Another strong point of the Glass is that things you need to know at all times are always displayed right in front of your eyes, meaning the agenda and the reminders are always present on the screen.

These tiny functionalities are already integrated in the current Glass model, but there are other that could totally change your overview. For instance, John Brandon from thought about how it would be like if he could scan documents by simply looking at them, or checking document errors in the same way.  If integrated, these functions could mean a lot for a small business and even for optimizing current workflows in corporations.

A new approach for online meetings and conferences

The same John Brandon of also considered the option of having virtual meetings instead of having to deal with daily traffic and the lack of time.

If you think about, it could be quite interesting to be alone at your office, but in the same time being able to see every participant to the online meeting as if they were in the same room. Besides, you can record the conversation, search and comment data, or simply analyze facts.  Brandon goes further to say that he is quite happy about this possibility since he works better alone.

The Google Glass could revamp relationships statuses between customers and providers, since the meeting area is as well neutral as it is familiar for both parties.

Re-vamp Payments

You know how nowadays ‘electronic’ wallets have changed the way you handle daily payments. Well, with the Glass, is going to be way easier. Playground, a creative agency from Toronto posted recently a video with the imagined Google Glass 2.0 making transactions for the users and showing how customers can check out from a supermarket and pay for the chosen products.

The clip features a regular client walking around a grocery store and in the same time he adds the product in the cart he also adds it on his virtual grocery list. When he finished his shopping list he empowers the Glass to pay for his groceries with his credit card and simply walks out with his new products, without needing a cashier or a wallet.  The same payment method is presented in a coffee shop, and while the waiter gives the coffee to the costumer, the Glass instantly checks and pays the bill.

We are on the verge of a major change, just as we were 20 years ago when the mobile phones began appearing on the market. It was very clear that they will be very useful for making calls outside the house but there were very few people who saw the huge potential behind the device. Just as nowadays, mobile phones are indispensable for a business, in a few years from now we won’t be able to imagine how we managed to do our daily tasks without the Glass. So, we don’t expect the Glass to have a big impact on today’s businesses, we expect it to have an innovative impact.