Justin Timberlake Concert Seen Through Google Glass

Not so long ago Google Glass has reached the first users in the U.S. The folks at The Verge also got their hands on a pair and Sam Sheffer took them out at a Justin Timberlake concert. As nicely described in the article written for the news site,  it was a rather interesting experience, but sometimes weird.

“Those are one special pair of glasses” , “Are you wearing Glass?”, “Check this guy out, he is using Google Glass!” .

While wearing the gadget in public the reporter drew attention of everyone around. Sam has never seen so many strangers looking at him before: “Oh, what’s that on your eyes? ‘” , Sheffer’s article tagline. He states that he used Google Glass in public, and at this concert for two main reasons: to see as such a gadget used in real situations and because Google Glass seems the perfect device to attend a concert with and record precious moments. He was bombarded with all kinds of questions from all sorts of people, especially about how Google Glass works and what is it used for. He took some pictures and people seamed very impressed.

There is nothing as good as watching a concert with your own eyes and having the ability to take pictures hands free. The journalist stated that it was truly an exciting experience while he was able to enjoy the event as it unfolded.

Imagine how cool it would be for you attending a concert and someone else from another part of the glob, to be able to see what you are enjoying ? This would be possible, as  Sheffer mentioned, using Google Hangouts. However, so far it’s not something gratifying. There is lag when it comes to sound transmission  to the other Glass and it may drain the battery pretty fast.

Google Glass and new social etiquette: How to wear the futuristic gadget without annoying others:

Google Google Glass is not perfect for concerts, nor it was designed for such uses. The autonomy is by far not capable to withstand an event that will require you to take several pictures or record hours of video. But nevertheless it was a quite interesting experiment on how concerts can be viewed using various devices. Google Glass is the slimmest of them all, the least intrusive. The full story of the first concert Google Glass witnessed is available on The Verge website, along with two videos. Below are two photos taken with Glass at the event.

Photo Credit: The Verge.