Glass Handles Low Temperatures Pretty Well

We continue the Google Glass saga with a new episode meant to test the device’s resistance in unusual weather conditions. Now, you probably remember that there were a lot of complaints from developers who claimed that their display prism peeled off after a few days spent outside in daytime temperatures. Even though this looks like a minor issue, it can actually lead to serious damage. Developers who met this issue have had their Glass devices replaced with new ones and so far we haven’t seen any solution to this problem.

However, now that winter has arrived almost everywhere in the world, time to take the Glass to a new test, this time in cold temperatures.

Related to this matter, the answer is that Glass resists pretty well in cold temperatures and doesn’t seem to have any visible issue. We got this information from Josh Braaten, one of the developers admitted in the Explorer program who took the Glass out at zero degrees Fahrenheit, while he did some outdoor activities to see how it will cope. You can check the results yourself in the videos he took during this time.

So, while blowing the snow from the driveway and throwing some water in the cold air, Josh also took some photos and recorded a few videos. He said that he even listened to some music on Google Play Music All Access. The interesting part is that he managed to do all of these things with nearly 30% battery life and still had almost 11% left when he went back inside.

Considering that during an hour he took 10 photos, recorded 15 videos and listened music for about 20 minutes on cold weather, we can say that Glass passed this test quite well.

The test was simple with no scientific purposes, but it helped to prove that Glass could resist to the above presented conditions and most of all, it doesn’t come with the same issues it did in hot temperatures and humidity.

However, the device presented some new symptoms this time and we’re not sure if this is normal or if they could mean trouble at some point. Josh said that he was a little bit worried by a cracking sound made by Glass when the materials used in its built (titanium and plastic) were first exposed to this temperature. One of the possible causes of this sound could be the device trying to adjust to low temperatures. Or maybe that was just the sound of the materials not adjusting with low temperatures and then, a longer exposure to this environment or to even lower temperatures could as well damage the device.

Josh is determined to take this experience even further and test Glass on lower temperatures in order to discover its limits in this environment. Stay tuned to see what happens next.