How To Mirror Google Glass To PC Desktop

Those of you, who love technology and went out to buy Google Glass as soon as it was possible, will definitely enjoy mirroring Glass on a personal computer’s desktop. Displaying Glass’s content on your laptop or computer will not only help you to better manage its data, but will also come handy when working in a domain which require you to use Demo videos, which would need to be cut and rearranged, presentations or just for fun.

So, we decided to round up a guide on how to do so and a few tips to get you started with the process.

How To Mirror Google Glass To Your Desktop

If you haven’t already installed Android Debug Bridge or ADB, then before beginning, you need to download and install this software, which will enable the connection between Glass and the other device.

Next thing to do, is go to Settings>Device Info> Turn on Debug and turn on Glass’s in this mode. From the same menu, you could also turn off debug mode.

Now that you can begin, connect your Glass device to the computer through Internet, or simply use a cable, and download a tool such as Android Screen Monitor.

When the new software is installed, check if Glass is visible in Android Debug Bridge. In order to do so, open a command prompt on your pc and type in the command adb devices. If everything works ok, your device will be found, if not you might have to install the Android Composite USB drivers. You can find the software in the Android SDK. For Linux users, it will be necessary to modify your pc’s permissions which could be found on the Android device website.

After you finish will all of the above and Glass will mirror on your pc or laptop, run the Android Screen Monitor tool by typing in the prompt, the command

$  java -jar asm.jar  

In the Android Screen Monitor, you can select Glass as a device to monitor and there you have it. You can now control your Glass with a laptop or personal computer. Some have even tried to mirror Glass with an Android device, but the results aren’t that satisfying and you can’t do much.

Now you could better explain to your friends how Glass works and even understand the device better. Either you need to manage content and gain some time, or do presentations and get better demonstrations of certain apps.

Hope this little guide has answers for at least some of your questions regarding how to mirror Google Glass to your desktop and that it will help you get a good start through this experience.