New Cooking App Released For Google Glass

There are a lot of great ways of using Google Glass, but reading recipes from it is definitely one of the most useful ones. You don’t have to stress out to keep your cooking book open somehow without getting it dirty when you have Glass on your head and can get the recipe with just voice commands.

Penn Su, a Google Glass developer, released the alpha version of a new cooking app that’s almost perfect. Being an alpha version, it might lack some features and bugs might be encountered, but it’s still really nice, so you should give it a try.

For the moment, this cooking app only responds to the voice command “Ok Glass, start cooking” and shows you a recipe. Like I said, it’s almost perfect, because it doesn’t work with just voice commands yet. You will have to swipe back or forward through the instructions, but its developer announced that voice commands for swiping through instructions are coming soon.

In order to install the cooking app, you will have to sideload it. If you’ve never done this, then please head over to our guide here to learn how to do it. You can download the app .