Official Glass App Store to be Released in 2014

Google Glass is currently only available as a limited edition and there’s no official app store for the device, unfortunately. But Google confirmed than an app store will be available next year, along with the device’s official release.

We’ve had a lot of rumors about the app store lately, but now it’s been confirmed, so we can be sure it’s coming. Timothy Jordan, a Senior Developer Advocate at Google, that users will soon be able to submit apps on MyGlass. The news come after NyTimes reported it in an absolutely beautiful article about Google Glass.

We aren’t sure if that’s going to be the company’s official app store for Glass, as we have some reasons to believe that Glassware will be moved on Google Play, along with all the other Android apps.

One more thing that needs to be changed so that developers can find it attractive to start working on Glassware is the Glass API terms of service, which requires all apps to be free. We’re expecting this to change pretty soon, as premium apps can’t be forever free.

While waiting for the official Google Glass app store, we’re working on our own app store, where we try to list all the apps, along with reviews, photos and descriptions. We have a lot of work to do, as there are a lot of apps released every week and we can see that there are more and more developers working on Glass apps. By next year we’ll probably have thousands of apps. We just can’t wait for the big names to jump in.

Head over to our Google Glass app store and download whatever you want !