PSA: XE16.1 Can Cause Bootloop and We Have a Potential Fix

Google has just rolled out the update to XE16.1 in order to fix the bugs that XE16 came with, but it seems like it has even bigger problems.

A lot of users have reported that XE16.1 can cause a boot loop that prevents the device from booting. We don’t know what’s causing this and we haven’t been able yet to replicate the issue, but after discussing with a few Explorers that encountered the problem, we’ve been able to find a potential fix for it.

It seems like disabling all Glassware from MyGlass and performing a hard reset can fix the problem. After Glass boots, you can re-enable your Glassware and it should work fine.

We keep testing things and trying to find out of this is the right fix for it, but you should be careful in the meantime. Our suggestion is to wait until we have more information and stick with XE16 until then.

Once we’ll find out more we will update this post. It’s possible that Google will release a XE16.2 update in order to fix this problem too. Hopefully that one won’t create even more issues.

Please let us know in the comments form below if you’ve encountered the problem and if you managed to fix it.

  • Chris Reynoso

    Mine is stuck in a bootloop. No way to factory reset because it won’t even turn on at all. Just shows glass, then I reset it, then wash and repeat. Trying to hard reset turns it off, but doesn’t do anything else other than initiate the boot loop. Got in contact with Google and they say to leave it on overnight plugged in going through the reboot cycle and it should resolve itself. I guess I’ll see if it gets resolved overnight or not.

    • Jonathan

      I am having the same issue. I tried restoring to factory settings and it has says “Glass is Updating” it has been like this for 30 hours. Still waiting for an answer from Google.

  • Steve

    I’m in italy… and this morning my google glass are in bootloop … I try this night to plugged on my PC and wait the reboot cycle… but on myGlass the version is XE16 ….

  • balaams_ass

    I’m stuck in a #bootloop. Tried disabling apps as suggested but no luck. Version on MyGlass is XE16 last seen yesterday in the AM probably right before rebooting the XE16 for the first time. Or not rebooting as the case may be.

  • Andrew Adams

    Home stopped unexpectedly here too just got my Glass last week
    Wont boot

    • Rami ALBATAL

      I have the same problem, very frustrating!

  • Glass_user

    In a #bootloop. Nothing from Google yet. I’ve tried everything suggested above and in other threads. Help Google!

  • pinnacle

    bootloop. tried the disabling glassware. tried rebooting a dozen times……same result……plzzzz help XE16.11

    • Alex Dumitru

      You should either contact Google or try entering fastboot mode and updating manually.

      • pinnacle

        called google already. described issue to them. said they’ll get back to me

        my glass doesn’t get pass the HOME, CAMERA, VOICE, LOGGING STOPPED UNEXPECTEDLY….so really cannot access to other menus

      • Tyler austin

        Is there a google glass support email or number?

        • Alex Dumitru

          Head over to this page and click on “Contact us” in the upper right side. You will be asked to enter your phone number and you will receive a call within a minute.

        • Riciu Andrei

          In case you were asking for a Google Glass guide:

  • Jorge Toro

    I am in #bootloop as well… Turned my Glass on and boom, a nice #bootloop. I can’t do a Factory Reset because of the #bootloop. Can’t enable USB debugging because of the #bootloop… Is there anything that can be done for those of us who have a device stuck in a #bootloop?

    • Alex Dumitru

      Try to let the battery discharge entirely. Once it turns off by itself, turn it on again a number of times until you’re not able to turn it on again.

      Then charge it and see if it fixes your problem. We managed to fix one of ours by this method.

      • Jorge Toro

        Thank you Alex for the suggestion. I tried it (let the battery dry, turned the the device on until it was completely out of power and then recharged it for a while). Unfortunately, it is still in a boot loop…

        Do you know what’s Google’s position on this? The unit is clearly defective and useless to us in its current state… Thank you!

        • Alex Dumitru

          Contact them and I’m very sure they will replace it. They offered to replace ours too, but we managed to fix it in the meantime.

  • Hhotelconsult

    Boots up; “Camera stops unexpectedly, swipe to report” immediately “home stops unexpectedly, swipe to report” and then repeat….. help?

    • Riciu Andrei

      Let the battery drain completely until it has no juice left then plug it in the outlet and let if there for a full charge. Worked for us.