Download Google Glass Rooted Bootloader to Root It

If you are planning to root Google Glass then you are going to need a rooted bootloader file, which you can find on this page. Here we have a history of almost all pre-rooted bootloaders starting with XE5 and up to the latest versions.

Rooting Google Glass is easy and you will have to download the rooted bootloader that corresponds to your current version and then follow our tutorial How to root Google Glass.

You can also find the Google Glass factory images and the OTA update files on our website.

Below you can download all the rooted bootloaders starting with XE5:

XRR35 XE5 - 

XRR64B XE6 - 

XRR88 XE7 - 

XRS36 XE8 - 

XRS68 XE9 - 

XRS92 XE10 - 

XER35 XE11 - 

XE12 - 

XE12.1 – Not available yet

XRV15C XE16 –

XRV16 XE16.1 –

XRV22 XE16.11 –

XRV27 XE16.2 –

XRV34 XE17 –

XRV39 XE17.1 –

XRV60B XE17.3 –

XRV67 XE17.31 –

XRV70D XE18.1: 

XRV72 XE18.11: 

XRV85B XE18.3: 

XRV87 XE18.3: 

You should know that rooting Google Glass voids the warranty. Also if you’re doing something wrong, you could even brick the device forever. Don’t root Google Glass unless you really need it and you know exactly what you’re doing.

The rooted bootloaders are for experienced users, but if you really want to do it, then make sure to read our tutorial very carefully and don’t do any mistake during the process.

If you encounter any issue with the rooted bootloaders or while rooting Glass, then signup on our forum and our Glass experts will help you.