Samsung Gear Glass To Be Released In Q2 2014

Because lately everyone seems to be hooked up to the Glass rumor mill, we thought we could add along another rumor, this time related to Samsung’s future computer wearable. And since the company is well known for sneaking its tail in every technologic domain out there, this new piece of information is not surprising at all. We found this news, if we can call it news, on the twitter account of Murtazin, a leakster which posted a couple of days ago the message that Samsung is developing a new wearable, similar to Google’s Glass. The new device is expected to be launched sometimes in Q2 2014 and it is going to be entitled the Gear Glass. This came as no surprise to us as lately all the major tech players including Apple seem to be working on different kinds of wearable technology.

The details of the new product are still foggy and it is unclear whether Samsung is going to use one of its own platforms in order to develop the Gear Glass, or if they are going to collaborate with Android in order to obtain the optimum UX. What we know for sure is that the South Korean company is trying to find the best solution for making all their devices work together as one. However, considering that the main competition for the Gear Glass would be Google’s Glass, we can’t wait to see what Samsung will be cooking up in order to have a fair chance on the market.

With the information we have so far, and considering that according to Eldar Murtazin the Gear Glass will be launched pretty much around the same period Google’s Glass is going to be released for the large market, we could believe that Samsung is already working on their own support platform. On the other hand, we would like to believe that things aren’t as difficult as they seem now and that Samsung will be providing us a fully functional computer wearable with Android support, in the same time Google will be releasing their own Glass gadget.

Now, we don’t want to get your hopes up in case this turns out to be just a rumor, so we won’t get deeper into the subject for the moment. Besides, we’re missing a lot of pieces from the overall picture of the device in order to make a statement about it. What steers our curiosity, however, is how many people will be choosing the Google Glass and how many will be choosing the Gear Glass and based on what differences will they make this choice. For instance, what would you choose? Leave us a comment with your opinion regarding the matter, in the section provided below.

  • Edison Durán Lucena

    Samsung a “North-Korean company”?!!!! OMG, Are you kidding?

    • Riciu Andrei

      My brains are flooded with North Korea news. Sorry about that and taken care of :)

    • Alex Dumitru

      We’re sorry for the mistake. But that was really funny though.

      We fixed it now.