Virgin Atlantic Uses Face Recognition Glass App for Customer Service

Virgin Atlantic started testing a custom made facial recognition app for Google Glass in the London Heathrow Airport, according to Glass Almanac. The company is using Google Glass in the Upper Class lounge to recognize passengers instead of asking for their name in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately they do not offer many details about the app and it’s also not released publicly and it will probably never be. But they did offer some information about how they’re using the technology to treat their premium customers better and it seems like they’re doing a great job.

The company uses Google Glass to scan the passenger’s face in order to receive information about his name, destination and even dietary requirements, so they don’t have to ask him for any information. In the meantime, Google Glass sends the information further and the passenger is automatically checked-in, all just by using facial recognition. While the passenger is checked-in, Google Glass offers the hostess information about weather and events at the passenger’s destination, so she can inform him if needed.

The app can also store passengers’ preferences, so the hostess will know basically everything she has to know once she meets her customer.

We’re really excited about this, because Google Glass starts to be used in some really cool ways and companies are surely coming with even more ideas.

Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to try this very soon, but we hope to find out more details about it soon. If you happen to travel through the Heathrow Airport with Virgin Atlantic, please let us know about your experience.