XE17 Update for Google Glass Rolling Out Now

Google seems very busy lately and they’ve just released XE17, after XE16, XE16.1, XE16.11, and XE16.2.

Unfortunately the company didn’t offer any information about the update, except that it fixes some bugs. Google also that more updates are coming soon, which means they are working on new things.

We are going to teardown the XE17 update and see if we can find out more about it.

Unfortunately Google did some mistakes lately with the updates and the XE16 and XE16.1 caused a lot of issues and even got some devices bricked. Not even XE16.2 fixed all of the bugs, but we hope that XE17 will improve things significantly. We’ll have to tear it down and test it a bit to see what major changes it brings.

If you notice anything new about the XE17, please let us know.

  • Brian Day

    I’ve been running XE17 for a few days now, and while the laggy behavior seems to have gotten a bit better, Glass is still randomly rebooting multiple times a day, and the battery drains more than 5% every 10 minutes with no activity (other than checking the battery level). I’ve had a case open with Google for over two weeks now, which seems to be going nowhere; every few days I get an email from a guide asking me to perform the same steps (hard reboot, factory reset, disable on-head detection, send debug file) that I’ve done countless times with no improvement. Yes, I realize I signed up for this, but the lack of progress and level of engagement from the support team has been more than a bit frustrating.