Chords Glassware Helps You Learn Guitar

As we mentioned in our previous article (which you can read here and find out about some of the most interesting app that were added to the official Glassware directory this Summer), many new apps have been added this Summer to the Glassware directory and we promised we would cover in detail some of the ones that we mentioned in the article. Well, Chord is one of the apps we mentioned and while it is a niche app (though everyone can use it to learn guitar) it is pretty useful.

You already know that it is an app that will help you level up you guitar skills, but what you don’t know is the fact that the Chords app is made by a single developer: Tejas Lagvankar. This is pretty impressive as Chords is a professionally made app; while you can label it as a music app, it is addressed mainly to people that want to learn guitar. The app lets Glass Explorers see and hear all the major and minor chords. The app presents the major and minor chords either visually or aurally, which is a nice touch.

The Chords Glassware includes a new voice command: “OK Glass, learn an instrument” and the name of a chord, but it can also make use of the touchpad if you want to browse through all the major and minor chords. We do recommend you to use the stereo earbuds with the Chords Glassware, though the mono earbud should also offer a good experience. Since Chords is an app related to a musical instrument you would want the best audio fidelity you can get.

The Chords app isn’t aimed only at people that own a guitar or people who are musicians. Even if you have never held a guitar in your hands in your entire life, you can still get some enjoyment from the Chords Glassware and you can play with it. Not to mention that Tejas Lagvankar, the dev, mentioned that future versions of the Chords Glassware will include support for more instruments; at the moment the Chords app only supports guitar. All in all, if you want to learn (or practice) guitar via your Google Glass device, look no further as the Chords app is all you need. We would like to know what you think about Chords, so leave a comment in the dedicated section below.