New App Glossaic Lets You Share #throughglass Pictures And Videos

If you own a Google Glass you know that it features a 5 MP camera capable of capturing pictures and recording videos in a resolution of 720p. If you don’t own Google’s head mounted display, we will also tell you that in order to take a picture (or record a video) you don’t need to use your hands. You can take a picture very easy, by saying “ok glass, take a picture” – you don’t need to push any buttons. After using the aforementioned voice command to take a picture, you will see a preview before the picture is saved.

After you take a picture with your Google Glass, you can immediately share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks. And sharing a picture is as easy as taking one as Google Glass features a hands free way of sharing pictures (from the Glass Home screen, you have to say “ok glass, share with…“, to share the picture with one of your contacts or Google+ circles); the wearable device also offers a way to share using the touch pad: simply tap the touch pad while the preview is on-screen. A new app is offering a new way of sharing pictures taken with Google Glass.

The app is named Glossaic and it is in fact a new social network. The Glossaic app offers Google Glas users a way to share their Glass pictures with other Glass users, from all over the world. The Glossaic app allows you to share #throughglass pictures but also videos that you record with Google Glass. In order to share pictures and videos on Glossaic, you can use the same sharing method you use for the other social networks: the “Share this with” voice command. After you share your #throughglass picture or video on Glossaic, you will see a new card in your timeline; you can use that card for extra options, such as further sharing (why not share the picture or video on Facebook or Instagram) or adding a description.

The Glossaic social network comes with a unique feature; the feature is actually what gives the social network its name, a blend of Glass Mosaic. When you take a picture or a video with Google Glass and you share it on Glossaic, it appears in the Glass Mosaic, which features a layout similar to Pinterest for those of you familiar with the service. However, the Glass Mosaic is different in that your picture or video grows larger in the Glass Mosaic, with every comment and like that it receives. As mentioned above, the name of the social network is a play on these two words: Glass and Mosaic.

As described by the dev behind it, Zuinq Studio, Glossaic is a new social network that allows Glass Explorers to share pictures and videos “like never before. In Glossaic, you can share with the world your favorite moments through picture and videos, so that other users can feel them exactly the same way you experienced them“. As mentioned above, unlike similar social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Glossaic is exclusively for Glass Explorers; nobody else will be able to share pics and videos on Glossaic. However, even if you don’t own a Google Glass, you can still leave a comment on Glossaic. “[...] the more attention a picture or video gets, the bigger it will appear on Glossaic dashboard. Glossaic pictures and videos can also be shared through your favorite social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter“. You can use Glossaic right now, by following this link from your Google Glass.