New Frames From Designer Diane von Furstenberg Heading For Glass

It’s cool to be square. So it’s Google Glass, and now you can show it. Google decided to throw in a new selection of designer frames. It’s geek chic, like Michael Caine said when he played Harry Palmer in the Ipcress File.

Google has announced in a post on Google Plus that starting June 23, the frames will be available for buying on the online Glass emporium. You will be able to choose your favorite from a selection of five frames with eight different shades, imagined by the American designer Dian Von Furstenberg. So, when you were just thinking how Glass could be more disguised, now it’s positively cool to wear it. So cool, that you have to do things on the big figure.

Google Glass is Google’s first step in to the world of wearable technology and practically the initiator of a huge wave of new and compressed technology. Shortly after its appearance, Samsung launched Galaxy Gear, while companies like Microsoft and Facebook decided to invest more in wearable AR devices. So, Glass’s tiny display that projects images in your field of vision, the easy way of controlling it which allows both touch, and voice command inspired others to develop more similar products.

This isn’t the first time Diane Von Furstenberg supports Glass’s looks, as just a while ago she matched different Glass frames with certain outfits, and then models, in order to include the device in a fashion event she attended back in 2013. As you know, Glass is now on sale for developers at the same price of $1.500.

It is well known that people wanted a change in Glass’s design, but is geek chic the way to go? We know that the heavy spectacles glasses are a new thing since 2009, but will this cover-up work for Glass, as it did for people with bad eyesight?

By adopting this hipsterish geek look, Google hopes to broaden the attraction of wearable technology beyond the regular tech world. And while so far, they had the attention of this world, they will probably be a hit in this other world as well.

So, would you wear any of these designs, or you’re not a fan of heavy spectacle frames? As a fashion conscious person, do you think these are tempting or do you think the idea won’t work for Glass? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.