Trackendo Tracks The Location Of Your Google Glass

This has been a very good Summer for Glass Exploreers, as the official Glassware directory saw an increase in apps also known as Glassware. Last week two new apps have been added to the Glassware directory; we covered one of them in a previous article. It was a high score based arcade shooting game named Sky Shooting, which is a pretty good time waster, though it can get boring really fast as it only features a background level; it also comes with a delay when tapping to shoot, but even so, considering the small number of games for Google Glass, Sky Shooting is worth a try.

The other app that was added last week will be covered in this article. Its name is Trackendo and as its name implies the app tracks the location of your Google Glass. Right now you are probably a bit confused and also wondering yourself what is the point of the Trackendo app since Google already offers this feature via the “Device Location” tool on your MyGlass website. It is a pretty good question and the answer is simple, while Google does provide the feature, Trackendo offers a lot more information than Google about your Google Glass device.

For starters, the Google tracker on your MyGlass website only provides the location of where it last saw your Google Glass device. It also offers a map and on the map the last location of your Google Glass device is represented by a pin, which you can click to go to that particular location on Google Maps. The Trackendo app also uses a pin to point the last location of your Google Glass device, but the difference is that instead of a map, the Trackendo app displays the pin over a Google satellite image.

Unlike the tracker from Google, the Trackendo app also offers you a list of locations, not just the last location of your Google Glass device. During your travels, while wearing Glass, the Trackendo app will remember every stop and it will add that particular location to the map. It also offers a lot of information such as location accuracy, latitude and longitude coordinates of your locations, the street address of your current location and a time stamp for each “sighting”.

To view all this information, you don’t need Google Glass, which is understandable since the Trackendo app is supposed to give you the locations of your Google Glas device when you are unable to find it or when you want to see where you have traveled to. So in order to view all this information, you need to go to and use the Google account connected to your Google Glass in order to login to the app’s website. Once you login you will be able to see all the above mentioned info. You can also get to the from the app’s directory page – once there, click on the Settings link. What are your thoughts on the Trackendo app? Leave a comment in the dedicated section below.