3D Printed Accessories Adress Glass’s Discretion Concerns

Since it was first mentioned, Glass was seen like a very controversial device, especially due to the privacy limits it seems to break so easily. Some of its capacities, such as visual recognition, are banned and apps relying on this sort of features are restricted from Google’s official Glassware stores. Furthermore, people using Glass were nicknamed “Glassholes” and put under a cliché. In order to avoid being socially awkward, one of the developers included in the Explorer program, which also has experience in 3D printing decided to work on a direction that could be part of the Glass Etiquette. So, using the 3D printing technique and among those, the most interesting is definitely the GlassKap. Let’s check it out!

Blatt worked in the area of 3D printing and design through Shapeways, for the MakerBot team based in Brooklyn and he supervised the development of the first 3D printing and scanning store, Bmore 3D, in the mid-atlantic. For about a year he is also experiencing with Glass and he thought that if the privacy issues were the most important for the device to be accepted by the large public, then it’s time to put them out of the equation. In an interview for iDigitalTimes he said that the GlassKap was one of the best solutions imagined that far. Along with GlassKap, he also released a line of accessories, from two-sided shield to an On Air camera accessory.

Blatt’s creative solution of signalizing people that Glass isn’t performing certain actions in the public – such as snapping photos or recording videos – was encouraged by the Kickstarter page, which described it as a way of avoiding attitudes from those unable to understand the device. For these situations, there is a lens cover, especially created for Glass and its privacy breach concerns. Among the tiny accessories you can also find a wearable planter, designed for green thumbs Glass users and also some improvements that enhance the overall user experience with the device.

Whenever a Glass owner is in public, he could avoid awkward looks from people around him by simply wearing the GlassKap. One of his boldest accessory is definitely the On-Air sign on Glass, called Live from NY. The best part is that some accessories, such as Display Shields, can also reduce Glass’s sun damage and allow better visibility in sunny days. This invention came as a result to the observation that during daytime, Todd needed to hold his hand against the eye to see the screen.

Anyway, this is just the beginning as Todd is planning to release some more funky accessories and maybe some for improving music listening experiences. With the Glass still in tests, there still is some time to bring new sketches to life. Todd is confident that there still are a lot of things to do in this area and feels pretty excited about his plans.

It was unanimously accepted that Glass is a great device for niche activities such as navigating, cycling, hiking or recording videos but if the mass public will accept it, well that will depend a lot on the price. Rumors claim that we will see the device out sometime in April this year at the price of around $600.