Top 10 Places That Will Or Already Banned Google Glass

These days the Google Glass technology is really on fire on the technological blogs. What will probably amaze you is that it is already banned on some channels, as you will see below.
Let us start by explaining for those of you new to this subject, what exactly Google Glass means and why people seem to be afraid of it.

What is Google Glass used for?

The easiest way to explain what Google Glass is seems to be the following: A piece of technology that implies a wearable computer which has an optical head-mounted display, abbreviated OHMD.
What is great is that the glasses have the option of taking pictures, videos and have the regular functions of Google, just by using voice commands. When we refer to regular glasses, we include searching for directions and easily connecting to social media sites (e.g. Twitter and Facebook). This sounds interesting,right?

As there is no such “invention” without raising different problems, Google Glass has to answer some privacy intrusion issues. Also, in case the user is not part of a privacy advocacy group or a business group, then he might encounter some problems when it comes to permission. Still, for those deciding to use the Google Glass, we recommend a set of safety and security concerns.

These concerns are the reason for which Google Glass has already received a number of pre-bans in different places. In the following list you will read about the top 10 places that have banned Google Glass and their reasons. Still, the list is in progress as there are some locations that might ban the Google Glass.

10. Banks/ ATMs

The reason for which the Google Glass will be banned is quite intuitive: identity theft. Let’s imagine the situation in which a person who wears the Google Glass comes behind a customer and steals the personal information, ID or even the bank account info, just by taking a quick picture. This would be an unpleasant situation that banks want to avoid.

9. Sports Arenas including Concert Venues

In case you are used to going to sports events or concerts, then you should already know that recording the event is not possible. Of course, those with a smartphone have transformed recording into a piece of cake, still the security personnel is aware of the possibilities. So, under these conditions, the Google Glass will be banned for sure, as it gives the opportunity of recording each moment of the concert/ game and then post it on different sources for different purposes.

8. Locker Rooms/ Dressing Rooms

This is an easy to understand situation, as no one would like to have a picture naked, without even knowing of it. And, also, there is the case in which taking someone such a picture might turn into a violent act; that is why for precautionary measures Google Glass ought to be banned. And there is also the etiquette of wearing Google Glass in the men’s room.

7. Movie Theaters

This is almost the same as with the concerts and sporting events. Moreover, there is the film privacy which has become a concern for the industry. The things here have lost control once the smart phones arrived; still the punishment for those recording a movie exists and it is applied. Under these conditions, do you even think that the theater personnel will allow someone wearing glasses with a video recorder incorporated enter the theater hall?

6. Cars

The places where legislators care about the citizen’s safety while in traffic seem to be West Virginia and Arizona.That is why they are working on banning people from “using a wearable computer with head mounted display.” We are sure that this is not only the case for West Virginia and Arizona, as there are other 39 states together with Washington D.C where texting is not legal while driving Also, Glassing and driving is already set to be banned in the UK

5. Hospitals

This is another institution that worries about privacy, this time the patients. Here we refer to different vital data of them that are kept in folders and could easily become a photo in Glass. This would mean that the personal data turn into public ones in a glance and the person’s identity might be ruined.

4. Classrooms

From elementary classrooms to college lecture halls, Google Glass begins to be banned. As you probably imagine, students could use the Google Glass in order to take notes or even record the lecture for further assistance. This is the difference to the situation in which the students just browse online for different stuff and are not actually present at the class.

3. Strip Clubs

The situation here is also understandable. The top strip clubs ask their customers to leave their cell phones and other recording devices at the door. So you will not be surprised that some clubs have already informed their customers that the Google Glass will stay outside the Champagne Room. One of these clubs is Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas

2. Casinos

The rule for casinos is that any recording device is banned because of the possibility of cheating. That is why the casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City have already banned the usage of Google Glass while in the location.

1. Bars

Last but not least, there are the bars, the places where the most interesting pictures are taken while being drunk. Back in March, the Google Glass has been banned in Seattle, at a 5 Point Café. At that time it became a case study, generating controversy, while on international headlines. The explanation is simple: the customers will get protected if the Google Glass is banned in the location, as there are the “glassholes” who want to take benefit of the “drunk” situations.

Do you know other places in which the Google Glass might be banned or do you feel threatened in any way by Google Glass?