Google I/O 2014 Could Reveal Glass Consumer Edition

Just a few months separate us from Google’s I/O event and we can’t stop thinking that Google Glass might be introduced on the mass market with this occasion.

However, don’t get your hopes up because Google didn’t make any official announcement until now. Actually, we’re not even sure if this year’s developers’ conference will be held on the same date as past year, as Google hasn’t registered the event date so far. Past year, the event was held during May 15-17, so it’s still early to draw any conclusions.

As for Glass, rumors and reports regarding it have started to fade and people’s interest toward the device has become dormant, maybe because Google stepped back with the advertisement in the past couple of months. Last we’ve heard about it, was when Google released the prescription frames for Glass and some recent reports postulate that in the next few days, the search giant will release a software update with more features and framework functions. But besides from that, everything is still, which leads us to believe that Google might come up with some pretty big news during this year’s I/O conference.

Back in 2012, when the Glass explorer program was firstly announced, Sergey Brin and his team pulled a skydiving stunt during the I/O event. In 2013, the Glass Explorer edition was announced outside the event, with just a few days before, while at the I/O conference, any developer interested in the software could take classes on how to build software with the Mirror API. Considering that 6 months later Google released the Glassware Development Kit (the Sneak Peak version) and that until the event there are only 3 months left, we believe it is time for Google to come up with something new for its device, if it wants to keep the flame burning.

So, all we can give you now regarding the Glass release date are rumors and speculations. Some of the enthusiasts hope for an early release and are almost convinced that Google will introduce the consumer version at this year’s developer conference. But if you think about it, you realize that Google has absolutely no reason to rush with the device and considering the development rate we don’t believe that Glass will be launched in the next 3 months. After all, this device might not get a second chance if the first one is failed. You probably remember the case of Newton, which disappeared shortly after its release and never heard of since then, or the case of Google TV, which is now Chrome Cast. But most of all, we know that Google is currently working on a lot of other wearable devices (the smartwatch, bracelet and so on), so if Glass fails they will be probably moving on to the next It product. Not to mention competitor companies who have started to push from behind with more and more devices that represent direct Glass competition (Apple, Samsung, Epson, Microsoft).

In conclusion, the holiday season would be a much more fit period for Glass’s release and the timing could ensure a bigger sales number, than Google’s I/O conference. But hey, don’t let us steal all the fun in speculating: tell us what you think about Glass’s release date and tell us which device you believe will be turning heads and stealing highlights during 2014 I/O conference? Do you expect any big news at all?

But if the Glass is ready, then we will get to test the consumer version pretty soon. After all, they could be planning a marketing scheme, release a limited version and grow our interest in the device again. Besides this, what do you think Google is planning for us in the near future?