Google Has Released GDK Sneak Peek And 5 Apps Based On It

Google held an event yesterday where they released the Glass Development Kit sneak peek, which allows developers to build more complex apps for the device. Google Glass is now a real platform for developers, allowing them to create native apps that take advantage of the device’s hardware. Unlike the Mirror API, the GDK gives a lot of freedom to developers, which means we’re going to see very interesting apps in the near future.

Fortunately for existing Android developers, Glass runs on Android 4.0.4. This means that Android apps can be ported easily to Google Glass, without having to change too much code.

Developers can now use the Android SDK along with the new GDK, which allows them to interact with voice, cards and gesture detector. For the moment, GDK is not in its final version and that’s why Google calls it a sneak peek, so we’ll probably see major improvements in the future.

As the title suggests, Google has also released 5 new apps created with the GDK, which prove what it can do and we suggest you to give them a try, because they’re really awesome.

Allthecooks is designed to help you in the kitchen without having to use your hands, which are probably dirty and shouldn’t touch a book or device.

Spellista is a really funny and captivating word jumble game

Strava is a really simple run tracking app.

GolfSight intends to be your golf companion.

Wordlens is probably the most useful of them all. It can translate printed words into your preferred language. And it seems to be doing magic, as it replaces the original text with translated one. You really have to give it a try, because I doubt you’ve seen something like this before.

Thanks to this announcement, Google becomes more serious than ever about their device, so we expect the customer edition to be released soon, now that customers will have a lot of useful apps to install.