Google Glass For TV Hot In The Works At KPN

And since it was just a matter of time before Google Glass begin to peel this domain as well, there we have it: Now, thanks to the interactive television viewing system, AVS, the user is able to control his TV watching experience by storing or rendering on voice command any program or show on TV. Below you will find a description and a few pros and cons for this concept.

During this year’s Mobile World Congress event, you will be able to see the proof of concept demonstrated by the involved companies, in this case KPN and Accenture Technology Lab. Built on the software platform Accenture Video using the Interactive TV services, the concept allows users to watch TV on a wide area of mobile devices. During the event, we will see how this applies to Glass, when integrated in the AVS platform, meaning voice controls for TV and content sharing from Glass to TV and vice versa.

Even though the service hasn’t yet been developed for commercial use, the companies chose to test for now how would wearable technologies suit their services and help the television consumers.

In the first demo video clip, you can see three different usage methods for Glass as an integrated part of the prototype system. The first and probably the one with most impact is controlling the TV through Glass, meaning the user could ask Glass to change channels, programs, make selections of the programs and see previews, adjust, volume, functions like rewind, pause, fast forward and so on. On short, one would be able to use to Glass in order to directly control the television set.

The second usage method for Glass, would be the Second Screen which permits users to get extra information about a certain program or emission in the same time while watching something on TV. For instance, if you’re watching a live sport event, you could also review statistics, highlights and anything else that could enrich and customize your TV watching experiences.

And the third method of using Glass would be as a TV Everywhere platform, meaning that if a user wants to store a program on cloud and then watch it, it can be accessed via Glass and watched on a chosen device, a tablet, phone or PC, with no further correlation to the TV set.

The Managing Director of the industry group Accenture Communications, Tom Loozen, stated in a recent interview that his company sees a lot of potential in the wearable technology as it can offer an extra dimension to the user’s regular experience. The experience of integrating Glass in their TV viewing platform proved that both consumers and big companies have in 2014 an open position towards practical uses of wearable devices and are very interested in how will these systems evolve and integrate in our daily lives.

As for KPN, Diederik Rosenbaum their director, stated that they are eager to work with this kind of technology, especially when their company is well-known for bringing innovations on the market (4G, TV on handsets, the start-over TV) and more different services from the usual companies.

Bottom line is that we can’t wait to see the proof of concept KPN developed in cooperation with the amazing guys from Accenture Technology Lab.