A Dedicated Google Glass App Store Is What Developers Need Right Now

We all know that Glass has not reached the shelves yet and owners are constantly struggling to find new apps to test on their shiny pair of Google wearable technology. This run around may change quite soon, sooner than you may think actually.

Besides the news updates for Google Glass that include new sets of voice commands and improved web surfing experience, there are voices talking about a Glassware store opening. In other words a dedicated Google Glass app store is the next logical step if you were to ask us. But then again, we all know that Google has the power to surprise us all.

Will it be in the form of a single app where you can find everything you need related to Glass ? Will we see a media store also attached? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Speaking of media, what we do expect without any doubts is a media player application dedicated for Glass within the operating system with future version releases.

As we speak, developers and code fan boys are encouraged to work their magic and create for Glass while investors show more and more interest in their projects. But what happens after you are done coding and there is no place to promote your creation?

Google Glass apps are now discovered and tested with the power of word of mounts. What worked one thousand years ago in terms of marketing still works now without any doubt. We are just saying that this can’t last more longer. We want to see that Google Glass App Store faster! Please Google!

What can be more simple than a “Install” voice command and your app is downloaded and ready to use. Let’s hope the app prices won’t take into account Google Glass purchasing price. If one can afford a $1500 pair of glasses you would assume that he can also easily spend $50 on a good app. Developers think again…