2015 Hyundai Genesis Will Feature Glass Compatibility

Considering the way technology evolves nowadays, in the near future we will be able to drive a car by voice control. And that future is not that far either and for that we will tell you about the new Hyundai Genesis car which will be compatible with Glass. The technology used to link the device with the vehicle is cloud based and it’s called Blue Link Glassware.

The new application will be available on all sedans from the Genesis series and will offer users the possibility to link Glass to the vehicle’s infotainment system.

Among the possibilities brought up by the new wearable integration system, you will be able to connect Glass’s routes to the car’s GPS and the routes chosen on Glass will be transferred to Genesis navigation system when Glass is detected, and removed when the user disconnects Glass from the system. Another interesting feature of the system is that you could even start the Genesis system remotely using Glass, you can lock or even find the car using voice commands.

As you probably know, Hyundai is already using the Blue Link system in order to allow drivers to access car information using devices such as tablets or smartphones and this application comes as an addition to the already existent system. Another service provided by the Blue Link platform is the possibility of displaying details regarding service or other maintenance requirements. Until now, this information was displayed on smartphones and tablets but with the upgrades brought by Glassware, this information will also be displayed on Glass.

Barry Ratzlaff, Executive Director in Hyundai America departments of business development and customer connect stated in a recent interview that being a leader in car technology means they are always searching for new ways of integrating existent technology in their systems in order to provide the best driving experience for all their clients. And what better way if not by integrating wearable technology in their own infotainment system? As Ratzlaff said, this technology can help take the ownership experience outside the car, by providing information about the vehicle and features for remote access when needed.

By releasing the Glassware app, Hyundai has marked its presence in history once more, by being the first to successfully integrate Glass in their systems. However, it is not the only company working on integrating the device. At the end of 2013, Mercedes also announced that they are working on a similar Glass application.

We don’t know if this is for good, but CarAdvice reported that probably in July this year, Hyundai Australia would release the new Genesis Sedan on the mass market. One of the reasons for launching the vehicle so early is to get ahead of rivals such as Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series.

As for the public debut, you will be able to see for the first time the Hyundai Genesis Sedan at Detroit’s auto show from next week.