AT&T The First Company To Retail Glass?

It is more than obvious that Google is getting ready to launch its head-wearable computer on the consumer market, as the controversial device is now available for buying for anyone who has the $1,500 to spare and wants to become a Google Glass Explorer. We were expecting this to happen for quite a while now, especially because the search giant announced that the main target of the device would be in the big customer markets. And now that AT&T joined the game, we could as well have soon the first retail locations for Glass, even though it’s pretty soon for this (we were expecting a mass launch sometimes around September).

So, rumors about AT&T entering this partnership with Google started of on page, which says that the carrier will be the first company to sell Glass in the United States. This isn’t so hard to believe since Glass needs a smartphone to be synced to in order to work, and AT&T also sells smartphones and services that could serve this specific job. We’re also thinking that this partnership might bring a smaller price for Glass, as some special pricing plans might be made according to the AT&T services a user would acquire, and who knows? Maybe we’ll see a Glass with a built-in SIM later on. However, this last part might be pretty hard considering how small Glass is and how hard would be to make room for a SIM card. This would be nice to play with, but it’s unlikely to see it in the near future; Google is thinking about dropping the Glass price and this kind of modification would mean more money instead of less.

This partnership between Google and AT&T, if it’s real, would mean that in the near future Glass will try selling its device through other network carriers as well. It’s hard to believe that after all these efforts to make Glass known and accepted by the public, Google would put so many barriers for the consumers, as it would be if only AT&T were to commercialize the device. On the other hand, this is a great step for Glass and a good beginning on the consumer market. But we hope this won’t end here and we hope to hear more about retailers that would commercialize Glass after its mass release. And also, what will the selling price be after the launch? Are the frames going to be so expensive that would end up costing more or just as much as Glass? Stay close and we’ll keep you posted with anything new on Glass that might appear.