Google Glass XE17.31 Update Comes With Bug Fixes and Even More Problems

Google has just released the XE17.31 update for Glass and it seems to come with only a few bug fixes, including one for those who were stuck on the welcome screen. Unfortunately it comes with even more bugs and more reports about new problems are being posted on Glass’ forums.

Unfortunately Google didn’t disclose anything else than the fix for the welcome screen freeze and we haven’t noticed any improvements yet.

Others have been reporting weird battery drain, overheating, and random reboot issues after updating to XE17.31. The Bluetooth connection problems are still present and I suppose Google will release another minor update soon to fix some of these problems.

Only a few people have reported improvements with XE17.31, while most of the members on Glass Community are encountering new issues, that weren’t present on XE17.3.

Lately Google has caused a lot of issues with their updates to Glass and most of them seem to come with even more bugs while fixing a few of them. Hopefully this will change soon and maybe the Glass team will be more careful when issuing updates.

We’ve already gotten our hands on the XE17.31 factory image and pre-rooted bootloader, but an OTA update file is not available yet. Follow the previous links if you want to flash it manually or root your Google Glass running on XE17.31.

Please let us know what your experience with this update has been until now. We’re curious what our readers have to say about it. In the meantime we’re trying it on our devices and will report further if we notice anything new.