Analyst Confirms Q1 2014 Google Glass Release Date

While we don’t have any official statement about Google Glass’ release date, we’ve heard a lot of rumors that it will be somewhere around Q1 – Q2 2014. Until now we believed the device is going to be released in April. And now we have another rumor coming from an analyst saying that it’s going to be released in Q1 2014, which is earlier than April.

Jay Srivatsa, a Chardan Capital Markets analyst, met with Himax, the Taiwan company that produces Google Glass’ display. According to him, Himax has been ordered by Google to start mass production of microdisplays, which means they are preparing for an official release. This leads us to believe that Google won’t be able to release their gadget this year, because they need to create a stock first and it may take some time to do so. We also don’t have information about its other components, which might enter mass production later this year.

According to Srivatsa, we will see multiple Google Glass models, both for those who wear prescription glasses and the rest.

Another interesting information is that Himax is also producing microdisplays for another company, that Chardan Capital Markets believes to be Microsoft. And it seems like we’ll find out which company it is by the second half of next year, as Himax stated that’s about the time when their client will be ready to introduce their product.

We believe there are many companies working on similar wearable devices, including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, HTC. And we should also add the company that managed to place the most devices on people’s heads, GoPro, even though until now it’s been only a digital camera.

Unfortunately we don’t have any information about availability, but we still believe Google Glass will only be released in the US next year. Canada might follow soon enough, but we are pretty optimistic about the rest of the world. We’ve detailed in this article why we don’t believe Google Glass will be released internationally very soon.

We hope to find out more information soon, because we are really interested in availability and pricing. We will let you know once we find out more. In the meantime, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.