Google Glass Release Date To Be In 2014, After All

There were rumors saying that Google has set a release date for Google Glass sometimes in late 2013. And the new reports say that Google actually had plans to release it then, but it’s now getting pushed back.

Google Glass is available at the moment, but only with an invitation from an existing Glass Explorer and with the price tag of $1,500, which is way too high for the wearable piece of tech. People are waiting for the official release date not only because they can’t get their hands on an invitation, but also due to the very high price, accompanied by the need to pick-up the device from one of Google’s locations ( New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles ), which raises the price even higher.

It’s still a great news knowing that Google is still working on the device, as some said they might abandon the project due to numerous issues. This report confirms us that Google does plan on releasing it soon and hopefully that date won’t be too far in 2014.

According to the source, Google is continuously adjusting timelines and they are focused on building a great product, which leads us to think the previous rumors were true and the company might have some issues with the device.

Leaving all the rumors aside, probably the single official release date given was by Eric Schmidt back in April. He said that we’ll probably get Google Glass in about an year.

At the moment we know nothing for sure about Glass and it’s safe to say that neither does Google know what exactly it’s going to do. They might have issues with the manufacturing and contractors that must deliver the components. They probably have to find contracts for lens-equipped Glass, because most people will probably want to replace their casual glasses with Google’s device.

Google has to make sure everything is perfect before releasing the device, because we’re seen their lack of experience with selling physical products before, with the Nexus 4. The smartphone has been delayed for months because of production issues and I don’t believe they want to face the same issue again.

The price once it gets officially released should be around $300 and this sets more problems, because they have to keep their costs really low. It’s 5 times lower than the current price and it might not be so easy to reduce it that significantly. And they probably want to wait until they get it right instead of releasing an unpolished product with a high price tag, that could set back customers. Other companies are building Google Glass-like devices and they have to make sure theirs is the best out of them all if they want to grab a large piece of the market share. And it’s a really important bet for them, considering the wearable computing market is going to be worth billions by 2016.