Google Glass Release Date & Price Rumored

Google Glass is one the most awaited gadgets of the moment and nobody seems to know anything about its release date and price, though we’ve heard some rumors recently. What we know for sure right now is that Google is working hard on getting the device as better as it can, while struggling to keep the price low.

The first batch of Google Glass devices came with a price tag of $1,500 and there were a lot who bought it. Unfortunately for them, Google didn’t sell enough devices, so a lot of people didn’t manage to get their hands on it, which caused some to .

We’ve told you earlier about a report that shows 21.6 million Americans would buy the device, which means 12% of the population. It’s the most interesting device of the moment and it might follow the paths of iPhone’s release in 2007.

According to some rumors, the Google Glass release date might be by the end of this year or in January-February 2014. It’s price should be somewhere between $300-500. Unfortunately we don’t know if that price includes prescription lenses or not, though we hope so.

Once it gets released, we’ll probably be able to buy it from Google itself or some fashion companies that are going to use their own frames and lenses. Not all Google Glass devices might look the same and this is a great thing.

We really hope the release date is real and it won’t be more expensive than what we’ve heard. If they manage to keep the price lower, they will have a really big user base which also attracts developers. And alongside the device, apps are also needed to attract more customers. A Google Glass device without many apps available doesn’t seem so interesting to most.

But there are more and more developers announcing or releasing their apps for Glass and the number will increase exponentially after the release date and once they have proof of its success.

In the meantime we can only try the available apps, which are really nice, though most of them are still in beta, which means they will be much better in the future. Big developers are yet to release their apps for Glass, but that will probably happen soon after the release date. Google will probably improve their GDK ( Glass Developer Kit ) and Google Mirror API in order to help developers create better apps and access more of the device’s features.

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