Google Pauses XE16.1 Update After Numerous Complaints

Almost a week ago we were happy to inform you that Google has released a new software update for Glass namely XE16. At first, ourselves were pretty excited as XE16 came to solve many problems as many of you well know.  After the update users started to complain regarding Wi-fi issues, fast battery drainage, long load times and so on. Google has stepped out to fix this with an early and unexpected update – XE16.1. Good guy Google, right? But here comes the big surprise. It was a total fail making things even worse! We were the first online publication that raised a big red flag shortly after Glass XE16.1 update rolled out. Just a few hours after the release users started to experience an infinite boot sequence. Their devices were constantly trying to boot without any success. Not even Google support team was ready with a fix when their phones started ringing. A hard reset got some out of trouble though… Charls Mendis the head of Google Glass Software, has announced in the Glass Explorers private forum that he decided to pause the update until these problems users are reporting are solved. Those of you who have not updated yet, you can now charge your devices without any worries. On the other hand, it’s uncertain how many users have already updated to XE16.1 therefore stuck with these bugs until a fixed version of XE16.1 is released again. Even though not every user has experienced problems after the update make sure you stay tuned as we’ll probably perform another teardown shortly after XE16.1 is available again.

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