Consumer Google Glass Version Could Feature OLED Samsung Display Tech

According to a South Korean online publication the consumer version of Glass will feature Samsung display technology, namely OLED. A flexible version of the OLED display in question is also expected to power the new wearable gadget.  The news piece was out just short after Google CEO paid the Samsung Display OLED production line a short visit and provided some clues pointing that the consumer Glass model will feature such technology.

OLED technology can be successfully implemented on silicon and used for devices such as Glass according to KIM Ki-nam, while attending a SID keynote a week earlier. Devices that designed as pieces of wearable technology could benefit most from such flexible OLED tech, not to mention smart watches that could use thin strips of bendable OLED screens to satisfy consumer futuristic carvings.

Although Samsung has not made any significant steps to implement this kind of technology, it has been a source of debate for quite a while now. The project considered a teaser by most of us, codenamed YOUM was scheduled for release in 2013 but haven’t seen any sings of it yet. It seems that Samsung dedicated all its time and effort to develop better AMOLED screens for its Galaxy series of tablets and phones.

Going back to CES, Samsung has made several concepts public some featuring the flexible screen tech. Although the panels did not actually bend in any direction but curve around a plastic shell we can consider it an act of good will from Samsung showing such concepts and gives us hope.

The current Glass model available to developers and a few lucky journalist currently uses a plastic cube for displaying information and images. Although the search engine company has not revealed the exact specs not anyone risked tearing down a pair of Google Glass to see what exactly is inside, we believe that in terms of imaging Glass is powered by a transmissive color filter panel based on LED located somewhere close the device’s camera.

Bottom line, Google could go ahead and use OLED technology with its future Glass modes reducing its size and weight significantly, a real benefit for consumer and its own marketing strategy.

The exact release date of Glass remains unknown despite a recent hint from Eric Schmidt – Google Chairman (someitme in 2014). The Google Glass consumer model price is also a frequently asked question among tech enthusiasts and bloggers (currently somewhere around $1500).  We are nothing but sure that it will go down with the official consumer model release but we just have to wait and see.