Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Tumblr and CNN have released apps for Google Glass

Google’s I/O has brought a lot of good news, while it lacked some that we were expecting. Though for Google Glass users, it’s been pretty good to hear than now we have more apps. Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and CNN have released their apps for Google Glass ( called Glassware ).

There aren’t very many apps available for Google Glass yet, because the company didn’t release their GDK ( Glass Development Kit ), but it’s coming soon and developers will start working on it. At the moment, apps can’t work without an internet connection and can’t access all the hardware functions, unfortunately. But this will change once Google releases the GDK.

Until now only two apps were available, Path and The New York Times, but soon we will probably have thousands of them as many developers are eager to start working on Google’s revolutionary device.

Twitter’s app is focused on image sharing and all the photos uploaded are appended a text “Just shared a photo #throughglass” to emphasize how they were taken and uploaded. The app also comes with the possibility to reply to messages, retweet, favorite tweets and choose what notifications you want to receive.

Evernote allows their Glass users to take photos and videos and upload them to their account. Previous notes can also be sent to Google Glass and visualized there.

Google Glass is getting better and better and before it hits retail, we might see a lot of improvements and cool apps. There’s no release date yet, unfortunately, but that’s surely because Google wants to create a great product and have enough Glassware in their app store before they  make it official.

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