Glass And Cooking – A Powerful Combo

If you’re passionate about blogging, and cooking is one of your other hobbies, you’ve definitely found yourself in an uncomfortable situation while trying to record the action in the kitchen. And on the other hand, we have accidents like dropping the camera in a bowl of batter, not paying enough attention to some important details and so on; the point is that sometimes it can get messy, especially if you don’t have someone to help you with the process. But along with Glass, came a solution to these kinds of problems. Recording yourself while cooking will be a piece of cake, compared to what you had to deal with until now.

Your social feed is probably around 40% occupied by food posts, and now that almost everyone is connected to at least a social platform like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc., creating and uploading making of videos, has never been easier. Every chef will have the possibility to record himself or herself while preparing a dish and then post it on social feeds. Thanks to Google Glass, food lovers everywhere will get to enjoy a whole new experience of learning new recipes.

So, it’s a good deal for both sides: the creators of the masterpiece and the receiver, the chefs and their customers or aspirants. A new type of connection can be created now, because people will be able to see it from the chef’s point of view, which is pretty awesome. And of course, it goes both ways: you can also watch a video with the recipe while cooking it yourself. Google Glass can also provide instant searches, so if you don’t want to watch a video, you can simply look for fast written information. Recently, Roy Choi the famous street food master has made a demonstration in which he shows Glass’s amazing potential, while cooking his well known burritos. He practically showed how every food lover’s dream could come true with Google Glass.

Suggestions like creating Glassware that allows access to a big cooking book library have already appeared, and soon you might be able to see by-choice recipes on your Google Glass. If you have the right ingredients, you can jump right into cooking whatever suits your taste. And the biggest benefit is that you won’t have to take a break from cooking to double check something or playing a video on your laptop. Everything you need, will be right on the tiny display placed above your eye.

Another remarkable aspect is that Glass can also be used by persons with disabilities, as proved by Ashley Lasanta, currently diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She was able to create a dish herself, take photos of it when she finished it and post them online. Besides that she had help with some of the cutting and chopping involved, she also received a big help from Glass.

Looks like Google Glass is becoming the new cool thing. As it seems, it’s a must have not only in kitchen but also in so many other activities in which you need guidance and free hands.