Watchup App Transforms Glass Into Your Favourite Video News Viewer

Glass fans can now enjoy a new application for their favorite device, called Watchup. The new software aims to provide access to a diversity of video channels with short clips that can be watched on Google Glass. Even though Watchup has been released as a beta version, amateurs can download and install it by accessing .

However, because of the fact that this version of the app is only beta, there aren’t so many video channels to chose from, for now. The guys that developed Watchup have admitted to include fewer channels in the first stages of the tests, so that they could understand better the customer’s necessities in this area. After a couple of reviews and recommendations from users and other developers, they are planning to include more video channels and more features. At the moment, they’re only partner is PBS Newshour in US. Another interesting feature is that Glass users in UK can choose to watch Sky News video channel; this option is available for every Glass user visiting or passing through UK, not just for those living there.

As for other viewing options, you should know that while surfing through videos on various channels, you can choose to simply watch a video, pause it, rewind it or fast-forward it. If needed, Glass can also be set to read loud video headlines for you. So, after downloading and installing Watchup from MyGlass setup menu, all you have to do next is to switch on the toggle and enjoy the available content. After this, you can simply visit the page , and choose your favourite channels.

After going through the setup, you can sit back and enjoy your favorite newscast, and if you need more supplementary information on what you are watching, you can also open a related article. Also, you can set your favorite time to watch the newscast and every day at that time you will be able to watch a selection with the headlines featured on the selected channels. Watchup is designed as an intuitive platform, and practically it can learn about your preferences and make further suggestions according to them, so the more you use it the more you get.

Of course, coming along with Watchup for Glass, there’s an Android version of the app you should also install. So, after downloading the Glass version of the app, you can head over to the Google Play Store and get the Android version of the app as well. Download, install, enjoy and share your opinion with us!