Glass Update XE 21.3 Adds Photo Sharing On iOS MyGlass

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In August Google updated the firmware of Google Glass to version to version XE 20.1, an update that improved a lot of things from the previous XE 19.1 update. We’ve told you about all the changes in the XE 20.1 update in the dedicated article; in a nutshell the changes introduced by the XE 20.1 update are related to the contacts section, as you can access twenty of your most recent and starred contacts by voice while the rest can be accessed with a simple swipe.
Among other changes there is a new head nudge card allows you Glass Explorers to turn head nudge on or off, there is an update to both the iOS and the Android version of the MyGlass companion app plus a lot of new voice actions. All in all, the XE 20.1 update for Google Glass was a meaty update.

Not even a month later, at the beginning of September, Google released a new update, the XE 21.0 update. At first it seemed to be a minor update only adding Waze notifications for accidents: “When looking up routes to your destination, Waze accident indicators help you avoid potential traffic.” quicker updates for flights and sports via Google Now (“a few seconds to see updates to flight information and sports scores”). With such a small feature list it initially seemed like a small update. However, the XE 21.0 software update proved to be bigger than previously though, with most of the changes to the visual enhancement API.

The XE 21.0 update was aimed at devs, as the more important features (such as the additions to the visual enhancement API) were related to the GDK. It replaced the Card Class from the visual enhancement API with the CardBuilder class, which includes 9 layouts with captions, author info, auto text sizing, etc. Other included features are  an “ok glass contextual voice support to LiveCards” and “a whole bunch of new contextual voice commands and Glassware voice triggers.” While it was a pretty small update for users, the XE 21.0 update was pretty big for devs.

Well, we are at the end of September and during our first week of autumn) and Google has released a new update for Glass, the XE 21.3 update. This update was released on September 24th and if you thought that the previous update (XE 21.0, which we summarized in the above paragraph, the update aimed at developers) was a small update, you will reconsider when you learn just how small the XE 21.3 update is. The only thing mentioned in the release notes of the XE 21.3 update, is the Photo Sharing feature on the iOS version of MyGlass. The iOS MyGlass app (v. 0.8.0) syncs your pictures to the camera roll, where you can share them later on other apps. Other than the Photo Sharing feature for the iOS MyGlass, there is no other new feature included in the XE 21.3 update, though the update most likely also comes with several bug fixes and improvements that were to small to include in the official release notes.

In case you own a Google Glass and you haven’t received the XE 21.3 update yet, don’t worry as it will take some time before the update is rolled out to everyone. You should be receiving it in a day or two, though it may take up to a week to reach some users. In any case, all Google Glass users will get the XE 21.3 update by the end of this week. If you want to see the official release notes for the XE 21.3 software update, . If you already got the XE 21.3 software update, please tell us what you think about it; use the section below to leave a comment.