Google Glass And Mercedes-Benz – The Future Of Car Navigation Systems?

A couple of years ago, imagining a device powered by Google Maps and voice commands that could aid you find your way back home was nothing more than a childish dream.  As we speak the premium car maker Mercedes-Benz is researching a new method in North America to push the car technology limits a little bit further with the aid of Google Glass.

A reporter took a tour and looked around in one of Mercedes-Benz research workshops in Palo Alto (the R&D company wing) and even got the chance to try the new GPS prototype and car information system that was streamed to Glass.

The R&D company we are talking about is just about to increase its Silicon Valley workforce as a new Sunnyvale office is currently under construction. If the sources are correct the R&D company in Palo Alto aims to transform Google Glass into a a powerful GPS alternative Merdeces-Benz customers can enjoy.

The reporter paints a picture in which an average user enters a destination into the GPS device, drives his way there and after arriving near the desired location get another set of direction and useful info regarding the last part of the journey (after exiting his car until arriving at the destination).

This particular combination between the built in Mercedes-Benz navigation system and Google Glass is quite a new idea. In order for it to actually work and appeal to consumers it must need some time and this is why Mercedes-Benz started testing Google Glass apps a little bit premature.
Those being said, what do you think? Would you use such a system in conjunction with your Mercedes-Benz navigation system? Better yet, would you consider spending let’s say $500 on such a car feature?  We are more than curious!  We are waiting for your feedback.