Google Glass Banned By Google?

The list of places that prohibit access while wearing Google Glass is already quite big and it seems to be growing every day. However, it would seem that the universe has a sense of humor as Googleplex, Google’s headquarters, recently banned Google Glass access at the company’s annual shareholders meeting.

The annual shareholders meeting was held this Thursday, in Mountain View and Google banned its latest critically acclaimed gadget, Google Glass,  from the meeting. However, Google Glass is not the only device to be banned from the meeting – any device capable of recording videos (that includes cameras, smartphones and tablets) was prohibited from the event.

Regarding this subject, John M. Simpson (Consumer Watchdog’s Privacy Project director in a statement) had the following to say:  “Google has unleashed one of the most privacy invasive devices ever [...] Google Glass aids and abets people who want to invade our privacy by videoing or photographing us surreptitiously, but when it comes to their own privacy Google executives jealously guard it“.

We personally disagree with Mr. Simpson’s opinion, as the ban was not targeted at Google Glass in particular, but at every device capable of recording videos. This is not unusual, as these shareholders meetings are private and the company does not want anything to leak from the event. Regarding Google Glass, you may have heard about Casinos banning the device, because it is feared that a Google Glass user that has a counting cards app might have an unfair advantage over the others.