Google Glass Can Help You With Interviews, Thanks to My Monitor App

We’ve seen a lot of methods to use Google Glass and a lot of ways it could help you. And today we have one more. The My Monitor app has been developed by  and it was initially intended for people with autism. But one thing led to another and they figured that, by monitoring your voice tone, Google Glass could help you pass interviews easier and be more successful with them.

The My Monitor app uses an open source sound analysis app and then lets you know how you should speak, compared to your past words. By measuring your voice levels and comparing them to the average level, the app is able to let you know when you should keep your voice calm.

But voice isn’t everything and the team behind My Monitor went even further. The app uses the orientation sensor in order to remember you to make eye contact.

When you either speak too louder or lose eye contact, the app will notify you. It will also let you know when everything is fine. It’s even able to let you know how loud you’re speaking or the level gaze and it even gives you a score.

There are other similar monitoring apps already available for Google Glass, which can really help you, but we’ll talk about them another time. We’re also trying to create a resource for all Google Glass apps, so you can find them all in one place, along with descriptions and reviews for each one. So make sure you bookmarks us and come back to check us out.

My Monitor is an open source app , so you can download the source code and improve it even more if you’re a developer. It’s great to see that Google Glass developers keep their apps open source and help the community build more and better apps.