Google Glass Gets a New Design

Google Glass does look a bit weird and we expect them to look similar to casual glasses when they get released. It’s possible that Google will even make available a multiple number of frames for them. Of course they still remain a bit weird, due to the camera and display, but if the user can pick their design, more customers will be interested.

We already have a new design, created by designer Isabelle Olsson, along with Google Glass’ marketing managed, Amanda Rosenberg, which might also be in a romantic relationship with Sergey Brin, Google CEO.

The new style follows nowadays trend, featuring tortoise-shell cat eyes and tinted lens. We have them pictured both without lens and with the tinted lens, with Amanda Rosenberg wearing them.

The photos have been posted by Isabelle Olsson on . Comments have been mostly positive, people being excited of the new design. But this is mostly oriented to women and that’s why we expect them to experiment more until the official release and we might see a multiple number of styles.

Google Glass is expected to be released in Q1 2014 and it should cost between $300 and $400.

Amanda Rosenberg is the Google Glass marketing manager and have been in a relationship with Sergey Brin, since he divorced his wife, Anne Wojcicki.