Google Glass is already banned in Las Vegas

Google Glass hasn’t even been released yet and it’s already banned in some Las Vegas casinos. Caesar’s Palace is one of them as the casinos are afraid that people could use the device to count cards and use statistics in their favor. Casinos’ business are people who rely on luck and don’t focus on statistics, which means they are going to lose eventually. But Google Glass could change that by helping the player count the cards and use it in his own advantage, offering him much more chances to win.

Unfortunately for those who were hoping that Google Glass could help them win in the casino, the device is already banned in some casinos and the others will most likely follow suit.

Colin Jones is a well-known card-counter banned in dozens of casinos over the US, who is planning to develop a card-counting app for Google Glass in the hope that there will be casinos to still allow Google Glass. He doesn’t like the gambling industry because they always have an advantage over the player and Google Glass could change this, according to him. Casinos have a camera for each player, but it seems like they don’t agree their players to have their own cameras.

The iPhone faced a similar fate some time ago, being banned from some casinos because there are apps that help you count cards.

Jones is thinking about a cloud-based app that collects information from all casinos through the players’ Glassware and helps the others win based on this information. He is planning to see which casinos give the best prizes, who won and where, along with what cards are drawn at each table and every casino. Of course this requires a lot of users wearing Google Glass, but this could be achieved in the future, provided the device gains momentum.

We’ll just have to wait and see until Google officially releases the Glass project and Jones develops his app.