Google Glass is The Most Wanted Gadget in The UK

A recent survey of 3,900 UK tech geeks revealed something we were already expecting. Google Glass is the most lusted after gadget for 2014, with 24% of the tech geeks craving it.

Google Glass is expected to be released next year, but it will probably be available in the US only, which means the UK gadget lovers will have to wait until Google settles their issues with Europe or buy it through a 3rd party.

We’ve already seen that Google Glass gains more attention that the latest smartphones or other gadgets, like smartwatches. And it was to be expected, considering it’s something new and unique, making things much easier. Google’s idea to get everything directly in our eyesight has been great and it’s already loved by people, but hopefully they will manage to keep its price low and sell it all over the world.

Until now Apple’s products were the most lusted after gadgets, but Google Glass managed to jump right to the first spot. It’s followed by a 5.7″ iPhone, iWatch, iPhone Mini, Retina iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface SmartWatch, Nvidia Tablet, Oculus Rift, Paper Tab and LG voice command phone. You can see the top below along with the percent of people who crave each gadget.

  1. Google Glass 24%
  2. 5.7″ iPhone 16%
  3. iWatch 15%
  4. iPhone Mini 12%
  5. Retina iPad Mini 8%
  6. Microsoft Surface SmartWatch 7%
  7. Nvidia Tablet 7%
  8. Oculus Rift 5%
  9. Paper Tab 3%
  10. LG voice command phone 3%

This means nearly a quarter of those surveyed would like to own Google Glass more than any other device and it’s great. People’s desire for Glass might help the governments take a decision on it and lessen the restriction on this kind of devices.