Google Glass Release Date and Price Revealed: This Year for $299

Google Glass is still due to be officially released and at the moment it’s available only with an invitation, with the price tag of $1,500, which is really high. But we do have some good news from the , who believes that Google Glass’ release date is going to be by the end of this year, priced at $299.

According to Topology researched Jason Tsai, Google will be able to sell the device at the decent price of $299, after analyzing the price of its components. The most expensive component used for Google Glass is the display supplied by Himax Display Inc, which costs the company between $30 and $35.

Last month Google even but a 6.3 percent stake in the Taiwan maker, which produces components for Glass, which leads us to believe they are going to stick with them for the long term.

According to Topology’s research, wearable devices are going to be a true success and the market will grow exponentially for at least 5 years. In 2011 the global value was about $1.2 billion and it could reach $18.3 billion by 2018. This year over 124,000 smart glasses might reach the market, while the market could amount over 10 million until 2016.

Google Glass is not a very high-end device at the moment, due to its size, which can’t fit all the components of a smartphone, but technology evolves and it might get really powerful in just a few years. At the moment it features a 5 MP camera that can record 720p video, 12GB of internal memory and WiFi. The WiFi is used to connect it to the smartphone, in order to share its internet connection.

At the moment there are over 10,000 Google Glass devices and counting, which is a really high number considering that its priced at $1,500 and a closed beta phase, available only by invitation from other Glass Explorers.

The release date gets closer and we might see it in the Play Store by December, which is less than 4 months away.