Google Glass Release Date April 2014 At An Expected Price Of $600

As time passes by we are getting closer and closer to the release date of the most expected gadget of the year, Google Glass. There were a lot of rumors regarding Glass’s release date in 2013 and some of them were placing this date sometime in April 2014. During a BBC interview, Eric Schmidt Google’s chairman stated that once the Explorer program gathers all the necessary data, they would launch a consumer version. Google estimated that in one year of tests within the Explorer program, they would have time to make all the necessary modifications so that it would fit the consumer market.

And since there is some truth in all the online rumors, we can now connect the dots between some recent events and reach to the same conclusion: Google Glass is almost here. You’ve probably heard about some “mysterious barges” in San Francisco bay that turned out to belong to Google, who’s planning to build there an interactive showroom to demonstrate costumers and those interested, the potential of their new technology. By “new technology” we hope Google’s representative meant Glass, cause a floating showroom would definitely fit the device. However, we’re still waiting to see if the company will receive approval to build there, because San Francisco habitants are very protective with their environment.

Prescription lenses for Glass are also scheduled to be released at the beginning of this year. As Tim Moore, one of the developers testing Glass, stated for Mashable the prescription lenses could be ready as soon as this month. And these are not the only clues pointing towards Google getting ready to unveil Glass to the public. One of the company’s employees, Brian Matish recently posted on its Google+ profile photos of some alleged new Glass add-ons, thus strengthening our beliefs in the upcoming release date of Google’s first head-mounted device.

Also, during November 2013 there was a modification in the Explorer program, which modified its admittance terms from contest winners, developers, VIPs and their three guests to any USA resident who would like to join and test the device at this price. It is obvious that Google has enlarged their feedback range as they are getting close to finishing the project.

Google Glass Release Date Price

And since the price will be one of the most important conditions for Glass to be a sale success as well, we’re waiting to see a consistent decrease from the actual price of $1500. Apparently Google’s production costs go to about $210 per unit, so we’re expecting them to position Glass’s price somewhere close to the price of a high end smartphone. Online threads predict that the search giant could sell its device at around $600 and one of Business Insider’s analysts claimed that if Google would sell Glass at $500, they could reach the sales number of 18 million pieces only in 2014.

We can definitely say that this year will be the year of wearable devices and even though Glass doesn’t go mainstream, there are other companies that plan on taking control of this new age market. Producers such as LaForge and Atheer One are already offering devices that can compete directly against Glass, while other companies such as Sony, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are already working on similar devices.