Google Glass Updated to XE8

Another month has passed since the last Google Glass update, so we now have another one, the XE8. We’ll try to summarize the new features and improvements it comes with.

If you haven’t received the update yet, be patient, it can take a few days for some. But you don’t have to do anything, as the OTA ( over the air ) update will come automatically at some point.

Google Now

Google Now has been improved even more and it can offer information by just swiping backwards on the touchpad. Depending on your location you will get information about restaurants, hotels, events, movies, traffic, weather, sports and emergency alerts. Google Glass will remind you about your hotel bookings, concerts or dinner reservations, based on the email confirmations you receive. You can also find out about nearby emergency situations, traffic conditions along with alternate routes to reach your destination faster, live scores for your favorite teams and weather conditions in your area.

Video player

The video player can be controlled better now by using the touchpad. You can tap to start or pause and swipe backward/forward to rewind or skip a part. These improvements really make viewing a video more pleasant and easy.

Path and Evernote integration

Google Glass now features Path and Evernote integration out of the box. You can update your Path status with voice commands by saying “Ok Glass, post an update.” You can also take notes on Evernote by saying “Ok Glass, take a note.” But you first need to activate these actions from the MyGlass Android app or web app.

According to Google, more apps will be integrated in future updates.

New volume card

There’s now a card to set the volume. You can go to the Glass Settings and set the volume or mute it. This also works during calls.

Background video calls

It’s now possible to multi-task during video calls. During the video call you can swipe down in order to access your timeline and the video call will go to background. But please note that the camera will be turned off. In order to get back to the video call, you must tap the card on the left of your screen.

Other updates

There are now 3 more voice commands for navigation: show route overview, hide route overview and stop directions.

You can now add captions to photos or videos. In order to do so, say “Ok glass, add caption” once you’re ready to post it. You can also add a hashtag to your captions. Just say “hashtag caturday” and it will add #caturday instead.

Google Glass now understands voice commands better and easier, so you can speak naturally.

You can now send a birthday message directly form the birthday reminder card. Go to the specific reminder and swipe forward to send the message.