Google Glass XE12 Update Released

As we were expecting, the XE12 update does bring us some really cool features, along with support for iOS devices. Among the improvements and features that came with Xe12 we have Google Hangouts, Youtube, Screen Lock, Wink to take photo, some new search features and improvements to Google Play Music.

MyGlass app for iOS

Until now the MyGlass app was only available for Android, even though Glass is compatible with any Bluetooth phone. But the MyGlass app allows Glass users to configure and control their device easier. We’ve been hearing complaints from iOS users because they couldn’t use their iPhones with Google Glass and today they have a surprise.

MyGlass will be available on the App Store later this week, according to Google. Also please note that it might only work with XE12, so make sure to update your Glass while waiting for the app.

Play Music

Play Music for Glass was released before XE12, but today’s update does come with some improvements for it. On XE12 Play Music comes with a Listen action menu that allows you to navigate through your songs and playlists. In order to access the menu, you have to tap the home screen and swipe forward, then select Listen. Fortunately, you can now choose My Stations or I’m Feeling Lucky Radio too.

Google Play Music has been released for Glass on December 2 and it allows you to listen to your music from Google Play. It comes with voice controls, which makes it really easy to use, but it does drain battery really fast, unfortunately.

Screen Lock

Google Glass can now be secured with a screen lock in order to prevent others from using it without your assent. You can set it up in the Settings bundle and it will activate every time you turn off your device or when you take Glass off, based on the On-Head Detection.


You can now chat, make video calls or transfer photos through the Hangouts app which comes with XE12. The app will have to be enabled in order to use it. You can use the app to send or receive text messages and video calls from any of your contacts with a Hangouts account.

Google Hangouts is really popular among Android users, as it comes preinstalled on every device and since Android 4.4. KitKat it’s also the default SMS and MMS app.


You can now upload your videos directly to Youtube from Google Glass with the new Youtube glassware. You have to enable it first and then you will see the Youtube logo in the sharing menu. It only offers the privacy settings: publica, private or unlisted.

Turn on the Youtube Glassware and give it a try. It’s much easier than downloading the video to your PC and then uploading it.


You can now take a photo with just a wink, which is extremely easy and fast. This feature only works with the right eye and just on Google Glass 2.0.

New search features

You can now ask Google how far a place is from your current location (e.g. “ok glass, google ‘how far to Brooklyn.’”).

You can also ask Google how many calories does a food has ( e.g.  “ok glass, google ‘how many calories in a banana?”).

Other changes

Google has removed the SMS signature in XE12, so your messages will no longer end with “Send Through Glass” anymore. According to the company, they didn’t want to take extra characters from the already limited SMS messages. It was also not very useful.

Guest Mode was retired. Google suggests that you create a new demo in order to replace the guest mode. You now also have the screen lock feature so you don’t have to worry about someone else going through your personal stuff anymore.