Google SmartWatch Release Date Just Around The Corner

Rumors have it that Google is now talking with its suppliers about beginning the mass production of their smartwatch device, which is at the moment in its final development stage.

According to WSJ’s Yun-Hee Kim, Google’s smartwatch will be powered by Android and will feature the well-known digital assistant, Google Now. So, you will be able to control the device with Google’s intelligent digital assistant who will answer your questions and guide you through your alternatives. Another improvement the search giant is currently working on, is the battery life of their upcoming smartwatch.

The source that leaked this information also stated that Google’s smartwatch should be ready for mass-production in a couple of months from now. As for its other capabilities the source said that users will be able to pair the smartwatch to their smartphone and they will be able to access information from their email accounts with Google Now (calendar, contacts, etc.).

The wearable devices trend is in its early beginning, and while we can already find some available on the market, such as the Galaxy Gear from Samsung, their popularity is low due to limited capabilities and the big price. Critics have also addressed two main arguments against the wearables and those are the battery consumption rate and their usefulness. But analysts from research companies such as ABI Research, are pretty optimistic regarding the wearable devices evolution and predict annual sales of 485 million units before 2018. And these predictions can’t be far from true considering the evolution rate in nowadays technology.

After the development of the Google Glass, the search giant is coming up with a new wearable device meant to ensure their position in the lead of the wearable devices market and give users another reason to remain in the Android environment and away from Microsoft or Apple.

Due to the constant decrease in the regular electronics demands such as personal computers and high-class smartphones, manufacturers have turned their attention towards the wearable technology. In June this year, The Wall Street Journal was the first to publish an article regarding Google’s intention in the smartwatch market. At the moment, consumers still wait for that extraordinary feature that will make them say “Shut up and take my money!” . And from what we’ve heard big companies are already working on it. For instance, Microsoft is developing glasses with internet connection and Samsung took the lead when it released the Galaxy Gear equipment which can be paired with a Samsung smartphone and run applications. Besides, knowing about all the patent applications in Korea, we can suspect that Samsung is preparing for launching some pretty interesting eyewear as well.

Before the Glass device, companies that produce consumer electronics have postponed the wearable devices concept due to high manufacturing costs and low usability. So, in the past two years companies have begun researching the wearable sector more vividly and now every single one of them is reconsidering the idea and weighing the possibilities.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO stated a while ago that the wearable technology will hold a big part of the electronics market and we can’t wait to see what will their smartwatch be able to do. As for us, we believe that Apple and Google hold the best chances to compete for the first place on the wearable market.