Next-Gen Google Glass Release Date Set For Later This Year, Coming With Prescription Lenses

We’ve been expecting Google to release the official version of Glass in April 2014, but it seems like it will be ready earlier. Google has just that it will start shipping later this year. Unfortunately we don’t know if it’s going to be released publicly to anyone, because they’ve only talked about the current Explorers.

Later this year Glass Explorers will be able to trade their current Google Glass for the next-gen device, which will also come with prescription lenses and a mono earbud. There isn’t much information about the Google Glass 2, though we expect the company to let us know more in the near future.

All Explorers who purchased Glass prior to October 28 will be notified next month about the option to swap their device with a new version. The swap program will be open for 60 days and if an Explorer doesn’t trade his device during this period, he won’t be able to do it anymore. 

The swap out program also allows Explorers to pick another color for their Glass, which is great for those who aren’t satisfied or got bored of the color they picked in the first place.

In the upcoming weeks all Explorers will be able to invite up to three friends to the Explorer program, but there’s a catch. Only those who purchased the device prior to October 28 will be able to trade their device for the next-gen. Though we don’t know if the new order will ship directly the Google Glass 2 or they’ll be stuck with the first version. Google has confirmed that new Explorers will receive the next-gen device.

It seems like the steep price of $1,500 remains the same for now, though we really hope that Google manages to decrease it significantly when they release the consumer edition.

Are you going to swap your Glass for the next-gen version or keep it ? I believe some of the users will prefer to keep it, as it might become very valuable after some years.

Update: We weren’t sure if Google was going to ship Glass 1.0 or 2.0 to new Explorers, but now it’s been clarified. All new Explorers will receive the next-gen device.