Google Wants Glass Developers To Start Making Android-Based Apps For The Device

Google Glass apps were mostly web-based apps connected to the device through the API, which had pretty big limitations. But Google announced at I/O that a GDK ( Glass Development Kit ) is in the works, allowing developers to create Android-based apps for the device.

Unfortunately, the GDK is still due to be released, but Google asks developers to work on Android SDK API Level 15 apps instead of waiting for the GDK’s release. The Android SDK allows developers to access many Google Glass functions, including low-level hardware or accelerometer.

Once with this announcement, Google has also released some apps for Glass, a stopwatch, compass and level to prove what it can be done with the Android SDK.

Developers should know that Google Glass runs Android 4.0.4, which is API Level 15, which means that they shouldn’t develop for newer versions. Google now plans to help developers with the migration from classic Android apps to Glass apps, according to .

With all these, the GDK is still awaited by developers, as the Android SDK doesn’t allow them to use every function of the device, so apps are still pretty limited at the moment. We expect Google to release the GDK a few months earlier than Google Glass’ official release date, so that developers can start working on better apps. We all know that a device is pretty useless and boring without a decent number of apps.

We are eager to see what developers are going to release next, now that Google is doing their best to help them craft better apps.

Does this mean that the company is going to delay the Google Glass release date ? The lack of a GDK might signal problems with the software or hardware.