How Glass Can Be Google’s Leverage To Social Network Success

A pretty catchy thing was brought into discussion by the wife of Clive Thompson – New York Times writer, Emily Nussbaum, who mentions a blog entry that brings into attention  the possibility of living with an all the time Glass wearer and how it would be like. All the Google Glass pictures will be directly saved and imparted on Google+.

Now, if you don’t pay attention to the details, this feature will not raise such a big interest. But, on a second look you’ll realize that Instagram and Facebook should expect a great competitor in the new Google Glass.

According to what Thompson claimed about wearing the Google Glasses, the most important improvement brought by the headset is in the photography area. Read further and you’ll find out the differences between taking a picture with your phone, and taking a picture with the new Google Glass.

Users wearing Google Glass will be able to shoot any image they want to only by giving a voice command or only by touching the frame of the Glass. After that, the image will be directly saved and / or posted on Google+.

On the other side, if users having a smartphone want to shoot an image, they have to first take their phone out of their bags/pockets, then open the phone by swiping on the screen and type in their password (if it is the case) as well. And they’ll still be at the beginning of the process considering that the next step will be to run the camera application placed on the home screen and make sure the phone camera is pointed out on the article they want to shoot. After doing all these they can finally take the picture. It’s pretty clear for us that they’ll miss a bunch of pictures due to this not so fast process. Moreover, if the user would like to share the image, there are different commands needed for this to happen.

Now, we know that Facebook’s application – Instagram is an awesome tool, but if we take into consideration the easiness brought in by the Google Glass headset the app owned by Facebook seems to be pretty complicated. Moreover, Thompson’s wife was annoyed by the fact that her husband’s pictures were available on Google+, but not for her.

She claimed that her husband was constantly sending her images with their children, but she needed to first log into her Google+ account in order to see them. So, she would prefer him to take a picture with his phone and directly send it to her. If we read between the lines we can conclude that she would be more satisfied if she could see the picture he posts with a lesser effort: being online on Google+.

Now, we’re not saying that Google Glass will fully take the place of a smarphone in our lives. And, if you think about it these goggles place a certain limit when it comes to human interactions, so we doubt that there will be many users wanting to wear them all day long. However, we can’t deny the fact that Glass will help a in the business area and will surprise by its peculiar specs. The product would be awesome for example if you want to record some live shows that you’ll love to re-watch after a while. It can be also used with success by journalists who are far away from their editors and need to share with them everything they see. Even the police abuse can be recorded if the protesters will choose to wear the Glass during a manifest.

Anyway, the most important feature of the new Glass seems to be the photography. The improvements brought in by the Glass pictures are overcoming the mobile devices pictures in terms of ase of use and make the whole process look rusty and laborious as it was in the past when using old cameras.

As the Google Glass release date nears, be ready to see a huge Google+ traffic growth as users begin sharing the pictures taken with the device.  Considering the device will turn to be a huge market hit, Google+ will see new traffic heights.