How Google Glass Can Make Your Life Easier

Google Glass has recently reached developers and they started crafting apps ( Glassware ). Now we can start seeing their potential and how Google Glass can help us in our personal life and work.

There is a lot that Google Glass can do, unlike smartphones, considering that they’re always on and sitting on your head. The built-in camera and display can do a lot of useful stuff and we’re going to try and sum it up in this article.

Instant photos

I’m sure there were times when you wished you had a camera in your hand to take an instant photo. But taking out your camera or smartphone and taking a photo can take some time.

While wearing Google Glass you can just blink to take a photo and you’ll never miss a shot. Of course the quality can’t be compared to a camera, but it’s a photo you couldn’t have taken at all otherwise.

Totally hands-off navigation

Never look away at your smartphone or your cars’ in-dash navigation. You have it all in your eyesight, along with directions and voice commands. And it’s well known that Google’s voice commands work fantastic, which makes it a great replacement for stand-alone navigation devices.

Prevent abuse

If you happen to be in an ugly situation, like a car accident or police issues, you can start recording as a proof. Don’t fear again that you might be abused and use the Google Glass camera to record anything.

There are a lot of cases when people can’t prove their guiltless and Google Glass could help.

Monitor everything

Sometimes your eyes can cheat on you and miss something, but by recording everything with the use of Google Glass you could watch the video later and find the things you missed.

There must be a lot of potential uses for monitoring and it only depends on you if you need to use them like that.

Take interviews easier

This is great especially for journalists and bloggers. Instead of carrying cameras and microphones around you, or notepads, just turn on Google Glass during the interview and you’re all set. It probably won’t be an awesome video interview, but you will be able to make a transcript and post it on your blog pretty easily.


Usually security cameras can’t record anything, because they are fixed, but if security guards wore Google Glass, they could record even more footage for increased security.


There are thousands of ways you could use Google Glass and these are just some ideas. Once I think about more, I’ll add them here. In the meantime, I want to hear from you. How would you use Google Glass?