MyGlass 3.2.0 Android App Comes With Bugfixes

Google has just updated their Google Glass companion app for Android, though it only comes with some unspecified bugfixes. MyGlass 3.2.0 is available on the Play Store and it can now be installed by anyone and not just those inside the US.

Until now we were uploading the MyGlass APKs for every Glass user outside the US, but it seems like this isn’t needed anymore, as we can even download it from Romania.

Unfortunately there isn’t much to be said about the MyGlass 3.2.0, as Google doesn’t even specify the bugs it fixes.

We were hoping that Google came with new features for the companion app, which is really useful for every Glass user, but it seems like we have to wait a bit for that. Probably the major update will come with another XE version, which is expected to land sometimes this month.

If you want to download and install MyGlass 3.2.0 on your Android device, then you can head over to the and do so.

Once we find out about a new version of MyGlass or another XE, make sure we’ll be the first to let you know!